Customised Indexhibit


You can download a customised version of indexhibit here.

This version includes many of the adjustments mentioned on this site, including:

  • the ability to upload more images
  • Longer Captions
  • A built in 404 error page that actually says it's a 404 error page
  • faster loading images thanks to jquery + lazy load
  • an updated version of jquery
  • several plugins including news, archive listings, an email form
  • horizontal sidescrolling, a thumbnail slideshow viewer and much more.


Install Guide

Both guides provided by the guys at indexhibit, just follow them step by step.

Basic installation guide

Installation guide for dummies


This item is provided without any support. The indexhibit forums are a great way to get feedback and help get things working.
If you find any errors, feel free to send them to jd [at] jamesdodd [dot] net

Open source

Should anyone fix any issues with the software, or desire to add any more functionality, please feel free to replace the existing files on this wiki.


resolved lazy load image issues.


  • flash upload script for quicker batch uploading.
  • wysiwyg editor for text and comments.
  • ability to tags exhibits and add short descriptions (which will sync to meta data)
  • new darker alternate theme
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