Basic News Plugin


This plugin produces gives you a basic news area for your website. For best results it should be used with the news exhibit.


Installation Instructions

Copy the "" and the "" file into your indexhibit plugin directory. This can usually be found in the following area:
"ndxz-studio -> site -> plugin"

Usage Instructions

Create a news category/section, and note down the ID from the URL.
You can get the ID of the section from the settings admin section, on the edit url of the sections
eg: ?a=exhibits&q=section&id=1 = 1

Place the following code into any indexhibit page or exhibit you wish to use it.

<plug:news cat=6/>

Where 6 is the ID of your news category/section

Create a news page in your news category.

Add whatever content you wish to add, but be sure to set the exhibit template as the news one if you have it installed.

Adding a comments system.

Comments are useful for news and blogs. The code for Disqus is included by default.
To enable it, register with disqus for a username, and set the sites shortname to be the same as your username.

Open up the "" file found in "ndxz-studio -> site -> plugin" and change the


found on line 10, to include your username/shortcode between the quotes. This should be all you need.

Known Issues

none known

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