This plugin places a contact form with fields: Name, Email and message on any page it's placed.
Submitting the form sends an email to the supplied email address in the settings.

It verifies the email address, to reduce spam.


Installation Instructions

Copy the "plugin.email_form.php" file into your indexhibit plugin
directory. This can usually be found in the following area:
"ndxz-studio -> site -> plugin"

Usage Instructions

<plug:email_form yourmail=youremail, return_message='return message',
error_message='error message', email_subject='email subject'/>

youremail= this should be your email address
return message= confirmation message the users see the message is sent
error message= error message users see when an error occurs on sending
email_subject= the subject to the email you recieve from the user

Known Issues

Commas can only be used in your messages if you use the ascii code:

This is as a result of how indexhibit uses commas in their plugins.


strips slashes to avoid \' appearing.
"from" field now includes name in addition to email.

XHTML verified (no more errors)

Fixed safari back button errors.

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