This plugin produces summaries of the exhibits in the sections.
This can show thumbnails, description and titles etc.


Installation Instructions

Copy the "plugin.gallery_summary.php" file into your indexhibit plugin
directory. This can usually be found in the following area:
"ndxz-studio -> site -> plugin"

Usage Instructions

Place the following code into any indexhibit page or exhibit you wish to use it.

<plug:exhibit_summary cat=, pics=, picsize=, title=, text=, order=,
pic_order=,limit=, exclude=, showonly=,  ran=/>

Variables explained

cat= This should be the ID of the section. You can get the ID of the
section from the settings admin section, on the edit url of the sections
eg: ?a=exhibits&q=section&id=1 = 1

pics= This allows you to limit the number of pics returned. For
unlimited set to a large number eg: 999999

picsize= sys- for square or th- for small or blank for large. This
controlls the image size:

title= Show the title of the exhibit in a h2?

text= Show the description text for the exhibit

order= how to order the exhibits "ord ASC" orders as you set them.
"title ASC" orders alphabetically

pic_order= "RAND ()" orders randomly "media_order ASC" orders as you set them.

limit= allows you to limit the number of exhibits returned, use 1, 2 etc.

exclude= allows you to exclude an exhibit through it's ID. You can get the
ID of an exhibit through it's url in the admin screen:
eg: ?a=exhibits&q=edit&id=5 = 5

showonly= allows you to only show a single gallery, which has the id of
what you set

ran= allows you to have just a single random gallery

Known Issues

none known


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