Output Your Indexhibit Menu


This is a very small plugin, and on it's own it does pretty much nothing. But it allows you to import your indexhibit menu into other pages, such as a wordpress template. Which will allow anyone who uses wordpress as their news system to move away from the iframe option, which isn't great for SEO.



Installation Instructions

Copy the "plugin.header_inc.php" file into your indexhibit plugin
directory. This can usually be found in the following area:
"ndxz-studio -> site -> plugin"

Usage Instructions

Create an exhibit page and place the following code as the body.


Remember to hide the page from the menu.

To include the code into your wordpress theme (or other php page), use the following code, but replace the url with whatever the url to your page is.

// get contents of a file into a string
$handle = fopen("http://url to the file", "rb");
?><?=$contents = stream_get_contents($handle);?><?

This plugin at present only works if fopen is enabled on your server. A new version is in the pipeline that creates a file on your server to be included.

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